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So what’s this site? 

Active citizenship is as important as ever, and one of the best ways to participate in the process has always been to reach out to your senators and representatives as a constituent and tell them how you feel about the issues they will be voting on. This site is intended to help with that process, by providing examples of form letters to politicians about a variety of issues to help you see the general layout and language used. You can use these examples to write your own scripts for phone calls, letters, or emails.

Who is my Representative/Senator?

Great question! Find out here: https://www.usa.gov/elected-officials
Or try here: http://www.whoismyrepresentative.com/

That letter is old! 

It might be. The intent of this site is to give examples of the language, layout, and format of letters and scripts to politicians. When going to write my own letters, I was unable to find a large scale aggregate, so I decided to try to help out in that small way – it’s a work in process, but here you have at least a starting ground. Although you may find exact language that you can use, the intent is more so to help you formulate your own than provide a full copy/paste (something currently out of my scope.)

So where can I get new scripts? 

Your best bet is to identify organizations that support the causes you care about and be sure to keep an eye on their Calls to Action. Also check out The 65, which offers weekly Calls to Action and scripts, as well as 5 Calls, both designed primarily for phone calls. IF you want general insight into what’s happening at the offices you’re calling, check out Indivisible.

I do also intend to try to formulate a list of sources and check for new letters to add to the website regularly, which I am sure will become easier/more frequent with time and familiarity with this corner of the internet. Stay tuned, and feel free to offer advice if you know of any sites you think I should be checking.

I don’t agree with that letter! 

That’s fair. I decided, as long as there is not straight hate speech, to include letters that represent both sides of an issue. Even if you don’t agree with it, it’s never a bad idea to be familiar with how the other side is discussing an issue you care about. It can help you decide how to approach the subject in your own letter.

You’re missing (form letter I found) /
You haven’t answered my question /
I’d like to share a form letter I wrote

I’d be happy to add it/engage in a conversation, assuming it will be productive to the purpose of the site. Please send it to: