The Honorable ____________________________
House (or Senate) Office Building
Washington, DC 20515 (20510)

Dear Congressman/Senator ______________:

As your constituent, I am writing today to urge you to support humane and comprehensive immigration reform legislation that provides hard-working immigrants with a pathway to earning citizenship, protects families and the most vulnerable members of our society, and respects the rights of workers and border communities. It is imperative that Congress works to fix the broken immigration system this year. The current system is not only broken, but unjust. Insufficient family-based visas and application backlogs force family members to choose between being separated for extended periods of time or illegally entering the country. Undocumented youth face deportation to countries they may have never known, and are prevented from realizing their dreams of contributing to American society. Congress must address these issues! Fixing the broken immigration system is particularly important to me because [include personal story or share what inspired you to write this letter].
Therefore, I urge you to support humane and comprehensive immigration reform legislation which:
 includes an accessible pathway to citizenship for all 11 million people without documentation, including those who would benefit from the DREAM act;
 works to maintain family unity in all elements of the immigration system;
 protects the most vulnerable, especially refugees and asylum seekers;
 respects the rights of U.S. and immigrant workers and
 ensure the human rights of immigrant families are protected as immigration laws are enforced


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