Dear Member of Congress:

I write on behalf of the millions of Syrian refugees that have fled the violence caused by the civil war in their nation. The refugee situation in Syria has become one of the worst the modern world has ever seen. The conflict and horrible violence rages on in Syria, continuing to cause millions to suffer. As of now, there are more than 3 million registered refugees who have fled Syria into countries such as Turkey, Lebanon, and Jordan. These countries are beginning to feel the weight of having millions of extra people in their midst, and are unable to continue their aid without additional assistance. With no political solution in sight, the conflict in Syria is likely to increase this year, with no peace or stability for those who have fled their homes, and no reprieve for the countries that host them.

As a concerned constituent, I write on behalf of these 3 million refugees, and urge you, as my representative, to take action. The United States has a long-standing tradition of responding to humanitarian crisis around the world since its creation as a nation. I am proud that my country has served the needs of refugees, and that the United States is a leader in protecting defenseless populations worldwide. To continue this tradition of welcoming those fleeing persecution, the United States cannot turn its back on Syria, in light of one of the worst humanitarian crisis in modern history. We urge Congress to expand expedited resettlement of Syrian refugees, for those who repatriation is unlikely a solution. The response, as of yet, has not been adequate.

The United States has only resettled a little over 300 Syrian refugees since the crisis began in 2011, a mere fraction of what is needed. Syrian refugees who face acute protection should be considered for resettlement. Providing resettlement for the most vulnerable will be an important burden-sharing tool for regional host countries as well as a critical humanitarian response for those who cannot return to Syria or locally integrate. Only through your help can the United States step up and be a leader in refugee resettlement again. This response to Syrian refugees is necessary and urgent; resettlement is the only way the extremely vulnerable will finally be given stability and safety, the only way relief can be given to the host countries who’s infrastructures are starting to waiver under the millions of refugees in their midst. Supporting expanded resettlement efforts would ensure the United States remains a leader in providing refuge and hope to those who are persecuted around the world.


your constituent



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