Dear Representative Davis,

I believe you are in Congress because it gives you an opportunity to serve your fellow Americans. In that regard, I appreciate your votes on healthcare and working to get the economy going again. This type of service isn’t easy, given how most people like to tear down elected officials. There are moments of great crisis, however, when you probably consider it a great privilege to be in a position to provide a solution.

Such a moment is upon us now.

Every peer reviewed climate scientist and the National Academy of Sciences tell us we have reached a perilous condition on earth due to man made fossil fuel emissions.

Both of us have children, and you also have grandchildren. When your child is gravely ill, there is nothing to do until that child is well on the way to recovery. Our planet, like a child, is gravely ill, but we do have a prescription: Put a fee on fossil fuels and return all revenues as monthly green checks to American households, and we will be well on our way to recovery.

As my member of Congress I implore to get a bill like this passed in the next Congress.

Gratefully yours,
Mark Reynolds



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