Dear Congressman Bilbray,

Scientists tell us we must reduce the high levels of CO2 in the atmosphere that are causing global warming. It is our responsibility to act now to prevent the increasing trend of extreme weather events. Dependence on fossil fuels has led to droughts, fires, and loss of life from heat waves and flooding from volatile storms.

Wars over oil and failed states threaten our national security. Even our military is moving to clean technologies in the face of this growing crisis.

Unfortunately cap and trade failed to pass in the Senate and probably would not have lowered CO2 enough to stop this extreme weather trend. We need effective legislation rather than stalemates caused by oil and coal interests.

Uncomplicated bipartisan legislation is available now. Please support a carbon fee and dividend plan. Placing a gradually increasing fee on carbon will lower CO2, encourage new technologies and jobs for U.S. citizens. Returning dividends back to all households will protect those who make cleaner energy choices. The longer we delay pricing carbon, the more we gamble with our future.


Amy Hoyt Bennett



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