Dear Representative John Doe:

As a teacher and a constituent, I am concerned about the potential impact of H.R. 5, which calls for over $1.7 billion in education cuts. I am writing to urge you to vote “No” on this bill.

My school and many others are already struggling to cut back. We understand that everyone has had to make adjustments post-recession. However, my school district is expecting our enrollment to continue to increase by 4 to 6 percent annually over the next 5 years. Combined with the proposed federal budget cuts, we will likely have to make cuts to our academic programs for both advanced and struggling students. For teachers like me, this can mean money out of our own pockets as we try to keep our classroom activities up to par.

Another effect of this bill is the complete lack of funding for public preschool programs. Studies continue to show that those who attend preschool demonstrate improvement in long term test scores and important development in language, literacy, mathematics and social skills. Low-income families and communities, in particular, benefit from these preschool programs. They provide a free, safe and education-oriented place for children to learn while their parents can work more hours.

District Administration magazine recently published in its March 2015 edition that during the 2013-14 fiscal school year, state spending increased on average by 12 percent. Yet not every state is able to afford these increases which may cause taxes to be raised on those who can least afford it.

Finally, the Title I Portability clause takes money from the school districts that need it most and transfers it to optional private and charter schools. Title I was intended to help schools with low income students which very often suffer from low local funding. This Portability clause leaves the public schools that are already hurting the most in a serious financial bind.

Thank you for your consideration. When this bill comes up to vote, I urge you as a concerned teacher on the ground to vote “No.” If we truly want a Student Success Act to help our students be successful, we need to avoid or reduce these drastic cuts.


Jane Smith
123 Main Street
Anytown, State 98887
Phone: 555-999-2222
Fax: 555-999-2223